Thursday, October 29, 2009

Respect for one's neighbor's political opinions... a critical element of American civic spirit, admirably demonstrated in this picture forwarded to me by my friend August.

Looks photoshopped to me but that doesn't hurt the gag.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's only startling if you're a particular kind of jackass

Okay, everybody, repeat after me something my daddy taught me long ago, but that apparently most Americans' dads didn't bother to say:

"Anybody can lie with his words. It's hard to lie with your deeds. So if you want to know what a man is going to do, don't listen to what he's saying -- look at what he's already done."

Barack Obama has played dirty his entire political career. It's not like this is a big secret; he's a standard-issue dirty Chicago pol. Now comes Peter Wehrner to whine, in apparently honest astonishment:
The Obama White House is showing a fondness for intimidation tactics that might work well in the wards of Chicago but that don't have a place in the most important and revered political institution in America. To see these impulses manifest themselves so early in Obama's presidency, and given all that he has said to the contrary, is rather startling.
The emphasis is mine. And the reason I emphasize it is simply this: if you paid any attention whatsoever to what Obama SAID, rather that looking at the record of what Obama has DONE, then you have s*** for brains. Who in God's name, other than people with single-digit IQ's, listens to what a politician SAYS and doesn't bother to go back and say, "Um, how does that line up with what he's spent his life DOING"?

Apparently one hell of a lot of self-impressed we're-way-smarter-than-you-illiterate-rednecks American intellectuals, that's who.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Yes, that just about sums the Bushes up

Andrew Ferguson, talking about Ted Kennedy's "bipartisanship":

And so, for example, he happily conspired with the first President Bush to pass the draconian Americans with Disabilities Act and, with the second, the disastrous No Child Left Behind education reform. In the proponents of "big-government (or compassionate, or national-greatness, or kinder, gentler) conservatism" he found the useful idiots he needed.

I agree with the Left that an Alzheimer-stricken Shetland pony is likely to have a higher IQ than the two Presidents Bush combined...but I fear that we arrive at our common conclusion from very different premises.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Line of the Day

From Vodkapundit, disagreeing with Jules Crittendon's labelling of Obama's Afghanistan/Pakistan policy as "Chaosistan" (at the 3:14 mark):

"I'm gonna have to disagree with Jules on this one; it is a little like chaos, sure, but, um... [pause for effect]...less disciplined."

Monday, October 5, 2009

And as we all know, people who don't know sports shouldn't express political opinions

"I'll tell you another thing about Glenn Beck," James Taranto quotes James Carville as saying. "He wouldn't know the difference between a football, a bat and a hockey court."

For those of you who know as little about sports as does Glenn Beck, and therefore labor under the misapprehension that hockey is played on a "rink," the word is now apparently "court," one presumes in honor of the invariable mutual courtesy displayed by the participants...

Barney Frank (D - Fannie Mae)

I like theblogprof's habit of referring to Barney Frank not as "Barney Frank (D - Massachusetts)" but instead with reference to Barney's true constituency.

Bush Lied? Nah, probably not Clueless George himself...but my money says Paulson did

And if that makes me a member of the Left, then you can color me pink, because this sounds perfectly credible to me.

HT: Hot Air.