Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yet Another Educational Experience Dept

First, it was the "300 plus members of the crew of the television show Ugly Betty" who were discovering to their astonishment that when a state raises taxes too high its revenues actually drop. Now the professors at Harvard are suddenly cluing into the fact that when you deliberately target the exceptionally wealthy, you are -- quelle horreur -- in fact punishing success! My God, what will these rapacious politicians think of next?

Wow, brains like that, I guess that explains how they got into Harvard, eh? (My favorite line, though to be fair I don't think Richard J. Doherty is from Harvard: "It's like Florida taxing oranges." Um...Richard...something you should know about that...oh, never mind.)

I am so grateful that I know one particular remarkable and bright Harvard-educated college professor (who probably doesn't want to be the subject of a blog post), because if it weren't for her and my deep admiration for her, I probably would be saying something really silly right about now, like, say, "There's nobody on earth more useless than a Harvard professor..." Which would be a very stupid thing indeed to say in any world that possesses Congressmen. ;-)

I would hat tip Ace except that I can't link to his post because the title of that particular post has a very naughty word in it.

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