Saturday, June 7, 2008

A high-five to the Daily Kos

It's a rare day when you find the Kos and I on the same side. All such occasions are greatly to be celebrated, say I.

So, a big thumbs up to Woodward's Friend.

And to the CIC and Canada's hate-speech bureaucrats:

Just how freakin' insane and out of control and just flat-out lost to reason and common humanity do you have to be to get both the Daily Kos and the Redneck Peril mad at you for exactly the same reason?

I'm not, generally speaking, a fan of eugenics. But I can't help but hope to God you freak-show losers haven't bred.

Of course, this being the Daily Kos, there are commenters who can't wait to rush in and say that the CIC is on the right side because of course the article is racist (despite the fact that the article has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with race, a point that would register on a moderately intelligent puppy but is beyond the grasp of the typical Kos commenter) and racists should be silenced by government force (though those same commenters, not having the irony gene, will no doubt hop over to the next post and complain that the Right are a bunch of Nazis). But that is NOT Woodward's Friend's fault, and I refuse (unlike the CIC) to hold anybody responsible for what nutjobs say in his comments section.

So, once again: Kudos to Woodward's Friend of the Daily Kos, with whose point I am 100% in agreement, with the volume cranked to 11.

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