Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good luck refuting Mr. McCain

No, not I-Hate-The-First-Amendment Senator McCain. I mean Stacy McCain.

I have yet to hear a single argument in favor of the obvious and blatantly fraudulent system known as American "public education" that could be put forth without blushing by a ten-year-old of reasonable intelligence and a minimum of intellectual integrity. There are many things in America that are indefensible, but few are more hopelessly indefensible than is public education. (As empirical evidence, I could cite the fact that most people who read my blog would be considered to be "well-educated" Americans...and I'd be shocked to find that even one has seen either of those J. S. Mill quotes before. I'm not blaming you, Gentle Readers. You were, after all, educated by American public schools.)

Feel free to take a shot at defending it if you like. Just know that I won't pull any punches when demolishing your arguments. Come up with a defense of public education -- by which I mean, a public school regime that survives only thanks to compulsory attendendance and compulsory taxation -- that holds water even for five minutes and I'll buy you a steak dinner. There are many complex policy issues in the world. This is not one of them.

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