Monday, September 8, 2008

Dahlia Lithwick continues to make the case against her Obamessiah without being smart enough to realize she's doing it

I swear, John McCain's best friends are the people who think they're helping Obama out.

Two priceless bits from Dahlia Lithwick: every obvious metric—experience, knowledge base, decades of public service, policy experience, understanding of the world — Palin is an unserious candidate for the vice presidency of the United States.

To which any swing voter -- that is, anybody who is not, like Lithwick, hopelessly smitten with the Obamavirus, instantly responds, "And Obama is a serious candidate for President?" They really are completely and utterly blind, in their infatuation, to the glaring weaknesses of their candidate, and so they continue to scream at the top of their voices that the most important considerations in deciding who should be the Vice President, are precisely the considerations on which McCain obliterates Obama...a fact made even more damaging by the fact that most ordinary Americans would agree that those considerations are more relevant to the person who plans to assume the Presidency on Day 1 than to the person who is signing up to be the President's sidekick and who might, at some point during the scheduled four-year term, find herself unexpectedly promoted.

There's also this wonderful line, and although I know what she's trying to say, it's a bad place to go when you're supporting a candidate whose entire campaign strategy is predicated on convincing swing voters that the person he will be as President is radically different from the person he has been throughout his life up to this point. Here's the subtitle to the article, which Slate puts in all caps:

Joe Biden can beat Sarah Palin by pretending she's a man. And that he's not Joe Biden.

When your hopes for victory depend on your ability to pretend effectively that your opponent is not who she really is and that you yourself are not who you really are, perhaps you are not the right person for the job? Just a thought there...

Here again, showing the casual attitude Lithwick has to dishonesty in the pursuit of political victory:

You will need to match Palin point for point in the blue-collar-off. If she invokes her sister's gas station, bring up your cousin's Laundromat. (Try to locate one in the coming days, if you aren't in possession of one already). further comment required from me on that point, I think.

One last unintentionally funny bit from Lithwick -- whose entire article is shot through with snide, bitterly dismissive and patently unfair snarking at Sarah, each of which snarks Lithwick clearly thinks is a sparkling sally of sophisticated wit:

Caution: Sarah Palin is funny. And it's the kind of jeering Ann Coulter-funny that's assuredly going to irritate the heck out of you.

Actually, Dahlia, I've read some Ann Coulter, and I've seen lots of Sarah Palin's humor (such as the clip below, in which Craig Ferguson certainly seems neither to feel jeered at nor to be irritated), and I've just read what passes for humor in your piece, and between you and the Sarahcuda there's no question whose humor more resembles Ann Coulter's. But don't worry, your stuff didn't irritate me. I always get a kick out of seeing people torpedo their own boats by mistake. You've made my day and it hasn't even really gotten started yet.

(By the way, the "jeering" and "irritating" Sarah Palin has a 75% approval rating, after two years as governor, among the citizens of her home state -- and that's if you only count Democrats. You just keep right on sneering, Dahlia, me girl.)

Here's Sarah Palin "jeering" at and "irritating" Craig Ferguson:

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