Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh, she MUST be fisked...

...but I don't have time to do it today.

Still, here we have about as clear an example as we possibly could have that the Left has come completely, utterly unhinged. Sarah Palin [gasp] has lived all her life in the Pacific Northwest. And there are some crazy frickin' people up there. So, you know, how do we know she isn't one of 'em?

I think we need a new phrase. "Guilt by association" seems so...inadequate in this case. Why, Sarah Palin lives in the same state as crazy people. Are you people blind, blind to the danger?????

I love this bit:

But the region also must be defined by its history of intolerance, resentment, antistatism and violence. Appearing in the region in the 1980s and 1990s were some of the most notorious "hate radicals" of our time: militia groups, survivalists, Identity Christians, secessionists, white supremacists and others.

Some simply hated the federal government, like...

THE PERIL: Wait! Wait! [waving hand in the air excitedly] I know the answer! Pick me, Miz McNicol! Pick me!

MS. McNICOL: Yes, young Peril?

THE PERIL: It's Jeremiah Wright, ain't it?

MS. McNICOL: Why, you unspeakable young racist whippersnapper! Just for that, you will stay after class and write one hundred times on the chalkboard, "It is only bad to hate the federal government if you are a white redneck Christo-nut. And George Bush isn't running it."

HT: The Corner.

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