Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm not the only one who sees it

Actually, of course I'm not the only one who sees it -- anybody who has spent fifteen minutes paying attention to any prior Presidential campaign, and who has an IQ at least as high as the summertime setting on your household thermometer, can see the jaw-dropper of a mistake that Obama not only made when Palin's name was announced, but continues to make, as if there's not a single member of that All-Genius Campaign Advisory Team who has any more of a clue than the would-be Next Leader of the Free World and Savior of the Planet.

But Ace lays it out with rather more gusto than I do -- also, of course, being Ace, rather than more profanity. For example:

It's just that... she... is... not... running... for President. But Obama is elevating her to the presidential level. So the race, it seems, consists of two candidates of presidential timber on the Republican side, and one weak, confused jackass on the Democrat side.

And somewhere Joe Biden is talking to an unenthusiastic crowd of three dozen people, half of whom were confused by his constant mentions of "Scranton" and showed up in the erroneous belief that he was Dwight K. Shrute from The Office.


But McCain and Palin are just now outright [very creative but very bad neologism] [Obama]. He probably is smart enough to know he's doing all the wrong things, but he just has no idea of what else he can possibly do.

And neither, it seems, does his brain-trust of 300 super-talented scary-smart advisers, who will similarly respond with open-mouthed stupidity if, God forbid, he calls upon them for advice in dealing with Vladimir Putin.
So, voters of America, if Obama becomes President, and Putin or al-Qaeda do something that is both deadly-effective and completely unforeseen by Obama and his team, how will The One respond in that time of crisis?

I'd say we all know the answer to that question now.

I have a good friend who I think is a more or less liberal Democrat, though he may just be somebody who (like me, before Palin showed up) looks at Republican candidates and thinks, "Like I'm gonna vote for that." (Obviously we don't talk politics much.) At any rate, his reaction to the Palin pick was a head-shaking remark about how "scary" was the thought of Palin's having to manage the United States in a crisis situation. Um, well, the thought doesn't really thrill me, actually; which is why I'm glad I'll be voting to make her Vice-President rather than President.

But now you've seen how the Democrats' candidate for the Presidency responds when the heat is on.

Are you scared yet? Because God help you, you should be.

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